“My Watch” by Mark Twain

“My Watch” by Mark Twain.   A humorous examination of having a pocket watch repaired.

This small booklet, published by the American Waltham Watch Company just after World War I, uses a story written in c 1870 by Samuel Langhorn Clemens, who goes by that pen-name Mark Twain. Twain is regarded as one of the great American and international literary figures who lived from 1835 to 1910.

Twain visited New Zealand for one month in 1895 touring and giving lectures, and he was regarded as a great raconteur and social critic.

One can get a taste of his humour and social criticism in this facsimile of my small booklet “My Watch”, and after reading this you will have a greater understanding and respect for having an experienced watchmaker work on your vintage mechanical watch.

Be ready for a good laugh, enjoy.