The Ladies College, Remuera

Terry is researching the fascinating history of The Ladies College, which existed in Remuera between 1880 and 1934. (Please click here for Timeline) The Ladies College was a private school for girls (and latterly boys). The first headmistress, Mrs Catherine Law, was superseded by the charismatic Mrs. Sarah Ann Moore-Jones in 1894. When the Ladies College […]

The “Remuera Seminary” and ” The Ladies’ College” Timeline

The Remuera Seminary and The Ladies’ College, Remuera (1880-1934) TIMELINE September 1880: Mrs Catherine Law and sister Miss Morton ” announce that they intend opening a Select School for the Board and Education of Young Ladies at Brighton Road.” ( now Bassett Road ). School opened to students in the 3rd Term. January 1882: ” […]