Postcards of Remuera

The heyday of the pictorial postcard was the early 20th century, with postage being one penny, until December 1907, then this was reduced to halfpenny. There are two basic types of postcards found, the real photo postcard, and the mass-printed postcard (many being printed in Germany). Both examples are represented in this selection displayed.

Remuera is the home of photographer William Thompson Wilson, who photographed and photo-printed as postcards many images locally, and mostly around the Auckland area. Several of his cards are displayed here and, on the back using his brand name “Huia”.

Remuera’s Mount Hobson was, and still is, a photographer’s delight, and many of these postcards displayed were photographed off this iconic historic volcanic cone. We are now able to view wonderful streetscapes and harbour panoramas from over a century ago.