New Zealand Pocket Watches – Gallery

Here is a sample of a broad range of pocket watches with a New Zealand inscription on the enamelled dial or back plate of the movement. The earliest New Zealand watch that Terry can specifically date is a sterling silver hunter watch with a hallmark dating to 1866, engraved with “A. Myers Princes St., Dunedin.” […]

New Zealand Wrist Watches – Gallery

In contrast to the fairly common practice of pocket watches having the dial inscribed with a retailer, wrist watches with a New Zealand retailer on the dial are less frequent. The watches displayed are from the World War I period (Grieve & Tarlton) to the 1960s period, mostly. By this stage, virtually all wrist watches […]

Radium and the Dial Painters

This is the transcript of a talk that Terry gave to the Auckland Medical History Society on 2nd August 2007. I have a long held passion for collecting watches and clocks, some of which I have brought along  this evening. In regards to  the 7 displayed, death and disability has always lurked in both the […]