Catalogue Gallery

Terry has a large collection of early watchmaker’s and clockmaker’s tools and workshop equipment. To assist in the never ending task of identifying these beautifully made objects, early trade Directories and Catalogues are immensely useful.

Terry has posted here some of the more interesting illustrations from his Robert Pringle and Sons, London 1910 Catalogue. Please click here for a list of all Trade Catalogues that I hold.

If you are wishing to have a tool identified, please email me a picture and any relevant details, and I will attempt to assist.



Catalogue Cover


Pin Tongs


Pin Vice




Balance Poising Tool


Barrel Contracting Tool


Bench Knife


Bone Watch Tab


Bow Opening Pliers


Bow Pivoting Tool




Chamfering Tool


Clock Oil Container


Eye Glass


Jacot Tool


Clerkenwell Lathe


Mainspring Punch


Mainspring Winder


Nest of Drawers


Pocket Watch Bench Key


Sample Pocket Watch Keys


Pocket Watch Star Key


Riveting & Staking Tool


Roller Extractor


Rounding Up Tool


Screw Table


Show Case


Sleeve Wrench