Horological Research

I am researching watch and clock making (both wholesaling and retailing) in New Zealand, with a view to writing a book. I also have a collection of horological items. I request your assistance in this endeavour.

Broadly, the information and items I am looking for fall into the following areas below. If you have any information or material, please contact me.



Research material sought:

  • Material on earlier horologists, or watch and clock makers shops, either published or unpublished
  • Details on the history and ownership of the shops, who has worked and/or owned them
  • Early watch or clock wholesalers
  • Photos – both interior and exterior of retail and workshops and streetscapes identifying these shops
  • Anecdotal stories or information about the horological industry

Items sought:

  • Old shop labels, business cards, accounts, letterheads, etc.
  • Trade catalogues
  • Watches and clocks identified as New Zealand items
  • Branded watch boxes
  • Branded watch keys

Please don’t hesitate to be in contact, even if only to discuss some information with me. Anything you might be able to help me with is greatly appreciated.

Contact Terry by clicking here for details.